Friday, 20 June 2014

Cheeky cat adventure

Just round the corner from me, on the way to the park, there lives a cheeky ginger cat. He’s a lovely fella and very friendly with humans. You’ll spot him chilling out on the mat by the front door of his house, or perhaps sitting in the middle of the pavement demanding a stroke from anyone who passes by.

The cheeky cat can present a challenge for me as I walk past with three sight-hounds who aren’t used to cats, but I like his attitude. He doesn’t bother getting out of the way because I’m walking past with a gang of cat-fascinated dogs; instead, we have to cross the road to avoid the mayhem of a confrontation. Sometimes, he will sit at the end of his drive so we come across him unexpectedly as we walk past – on those occasions, he keeps his cool and doesn’t run off, and we often get past him without any fuss. He’ll brook no nonsense but neither will he go out of his way to provoke anyone – usually.

'Did I just see the cheeky cat?'
This morning I was out with Fargo, who is on short walks due to his arthritis so I’ve been taking him out separately from the other dogs. As we turned down the cheeky cat’s road on our way home, we saw that the street was lined with cats. There was no option for avoidance tactics like crossing the road as there was a cat over there too. So we had to run the gauntlet.

Fargo will chase a running cat, but he only shows a mild interest in a stationary one. He’s come face-to-face with the cheeky cat before and they just looked at each other and moved on, so I was in high hopes. The other cats lining the street gradually moved out of the way with no mishaps, and as we approached the cheeky cat he started walking towards us, meowing as if he wanted some fuss. Obviously, I wasn’t going to stop and stroke him but I thought it wouldn’t hurt for he and Fargo to say hello and see what they made of each other.

'Get off of my land!'
Well. The cheeky cat sat down and kept meowing at Fargo in what seemed a friendly way. Fargo put his nose forward very slowly to sniff at the cat, without even touching him – he was very well-mannered about it – and the cat jumped forward, hissed at him and tried to scratch his eyes out! Though in reality, I think he actually only managed to comb Fargo’s luxuriant side-whiskers and Fargo didn’t really notice.

We said goodbye to the cat and moved on. But he kept following us down the road, meowing all the time and giving Fargo the evil eye! We were definitely being chased away from the cheeky cat’s house, albeit in an extremely slow and sedate manner. We made our escape at an ambling pace and were released from the feline glare just before we turned the corner onto my road.

So, the cheeky cat has won this round – and to be honest, he’ll win any others he chooses to engage in. He owns that patch. Good luck to you, cheeky cat. We may never be friends but I like your style.

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