Thursday, 29 May 2014

Great idea: hol cols for hounds away from home

I love taking the dogs on holiday but I need to know that if they got lost, whoever found them would be able to contact me. Over the years I've searched long and hard for an inexpensive way to make sure each dog carries my temporary contact details while we’re away, and at last I think I’ve found it - the hol col.

Holiday identification for dogs is an important issue to me. My dogs are experienced holiday-makers and are on the lead most of the time when we’re away, but in a strange place you never know what might happen. Of course, each dog is microchipped and tagged up with my contact details. But if one of them was picked up as a stray there’s no guarantee that his chip would be scanned because, despite the law on compulsory microchipping, there is no legal requirement for compulsory scanning yet. As for my mobile number, it’s on their tags but in many of the places I stay, my signal is almost non-existent.

Hol col is a day-glo green, water-resistant disposable collar that is worn over your dog’s normal collar. It can be seen easily at a distance and is recognised by most UK dog wardens. It’s emblazoned with the message ‘I’m on holiday’ and has a space for you to write your holiday contact details. While it’s very strong, the hol col is also very light and it's designed to break if it’s pulled hard so your dog won’t come to harm if the collar catches on something.

At £2.50 each (plus postage), these look like a sound investment. It’s cost just over a tenner for me to make sure my four lads carry up-to-date contact details for our forthcoming holiday in Cornwall, a small price to pay for extra peace of mind.

Now all we have to do is finish packing and we're ready to go. See you soon!

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