Sunday, 23 October 2011

Positive results from a week of walking

Dog-walking has provided a heart-warming theme to the past week. 

I’m so glad to see that, since last Monday, walking Ripley across the web has raised nearly £40,000 for the Pedigree Adoption Drive. It’s been great to be involved with this campaign over the past week and to see so much money being raised to help the UK’s stray and abandoned dogs.

As if to celebrate the fact, yesterday the physiotherapist upgraded Fargo's exercise to two 50-minute walks per day, with some extra massage from me to make sure his legs don't stiffen up. Fargo really enjoys his swims in the hydrotherapy pool and it's doing him the world of good.

Fargo enjoys a good swim
Charlie seems to have a bit of a sore back, possibly because of some degeneration in his spine (he is nearly 13 after all). It's not so bad though. Charlie didn't have a swim yesterday and he's still on 40-minute walks with a heat pack applied to his back a couple of times a day, and at least I'm aware of the issues. I'll monitor him over the next week, and then we can consider whether he needs some anti-inflammatory medicine. The main thing is that Charlie's walking is still improving and he's really enjoying his walks.

So, it's generally positive news on the walking front, but there's still plenty more to do. I'm off to take Ripley for another virtual walk and I hope you'll take her out too. Every time you do, you'll unlock another £1 donation towards the total - just click on the Pedigree Adoption Drive logo below to get started.

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