Monday, 31 October 2011

A picture speaks a thousand woofs

This brilliant picture was done for me by the wonderfully talented Elinor Geller. I discovered Elinor’s work on Twitter, after @BillyWhippet (not my Billy Whippet, a different one) posted one of her pictures.

The prospect of owning an original piece of art featuring my lovely dogs was impossible to resist, so I got in touch straight away. I sent Elinor some photos of the boys along with a description of each one’s character and, after I had approved a preliminary sketch, she completed the picture in ink and watercolour.

Elinor’s love of animals comes through in her art, and she is expert at capturing the personalities, as well as the looks of her subjects. Anyone who knows Charlie, Fargo and Billy will recognise them from their expressions in this picture. I told Elinor about Billy’s tendency to chase frogs and I was delighted to see that not only did she include one in the picture, but that the expressions of both Billy and the frog tell the story of their relationship. I'm so chuffed with this picture I'm telling everyone about it.

Elinor is now booked up for the rest of this year but her pictures are well worth the wait and she can provide gift vouchers for use next year if you want to give someone an extra special Christmas gift. You can see more of Elinor’s brilliant works of art on her Facebook page and she also sells some lovely prints and cards on her website.

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