Monday, 17 October 2011

Pedigree Adoption Drive: Let's walk!

This year’s Pedigree Adoption Drive is underway, and Ripley the dog is waiting for you to take part in the world’s first virtual dog walk.

Simply collect Ripley from her virtual kennel and take her for a walk around the web, and Pedigree will donate £1 towards its tail-wagging target of £100,000. The money will help provide much-needed funds for rescue centres across the UK, and the campaign will help educate anyone considering getting a dog about the responsibilities involved.

Meet Ripley
While she may be living in virtual kennels for the next week, Ripley is real dog with a story to tell. Ripley is a friendly, outgoing and inquisitive dog who now enjoys life as a professional stunt dog – you’ll soon be able to see her starring alongside Kirsten Stewart in the forthcoming film Snow White. But it wasn’t always that way. Ripley was abandoned in a terrible state, underweight and matted with mud. She had already had at least three homes by the time she was two years old. She arrived at Battersea Old Windsor as a stray, underweight and matted with mud.

Ripley was one of the lucky ones. Instead of taking her last walk, she won the heart of stunt dog expert Gill Raddings, who adopted her shortly after they first met. Now, as the face of PAD 2011, Ripley is doing her bit to help other dogs in need.

More than 20 stray and abandoned dogs being needlessly put down every day in the UK. By taking Ripley for a walk around the web you can help raise money so that instead of taking their ‘last walk’, those dogs can have the chance of a long and happy life.

Happy walking!

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