Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Diet pays off for Cassie the Collie

Earlier this year I was really upset to see images of Cassie, a Collie that was three times her normal weight.

So I’m delighted to read on The Sun website that, thanks to the dedication of staff at the Dogs Trust, Cassie has lost half her bodyweight in six months and she’s ready to go to her new home with a responsible owner.

Although Cassie’s story is an extreme example, it illustrates the growing problem of canine obesity and how easily things can get out of hand. The photos of Cassie before her weight loss are still distressing but at least she's much happier now, despite the classic Sun pun that 'Now she ain't nothing like a round dog'!

This week, the Pedigree Adoption Drive is raising money to help dogs like Cassie and to spread the word about responsible dog ownership. Please visit the site to find out more and take Ripley, the Pedigree Adoption Drive dog, for a virtual walk across the web – Pedigree will donate £1 towards their target of £100,000 every time you do!

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