Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Get ready for a virtual dog walk!

I’m delighted to be supporting this year’s Pedigree Adoption Drive, which starts on Monday 17 October.

More than 120,000 dogs were abandoned in the UK last year and every day, 20 of those dogs take their last walk to be put down because no home can be found for them.*

Since its launch, the Pedigree Adoption Drive has raised over £1 million for rescue centres across the country, helping them to find new and loving homes for abandoned dogs. Last year alone, grants of almost £250,000 were distributed to 34 rescue homes and went towards funding the vital refurbishment of dilapidated kennel blocks, desperately needed veterinary facilities and the supply of essential surgical equipment.

As regular HoundHeaders will know, dog-walking is a way of life for me, especially with two of my three dogs undergoing physiotherapy at the moment. So the theme of this year’s Pedigree Adoption Drive – the world’s first virtual dog walk around the web – really grabbed my attention.

All you need to do is collect Ripley (pictured above), the Pedigree Adoption Drive 2011 dog, from a virtual kennel next week and take her to visit four websites. Then Pedigree will donate £1 towards its target of £100,000.

I’ll be posting more information during the next week as well as hosting a virtual kennel where you can collect Ripley for her walk around the web. Don’t forget to check back on Monday 17 October for more details.

Happy walking!

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