Monday, 24 October 2011

Fargo’s food review: Wagg Tasty Bones

Hello, Fargo here. As you may expect from a bouncy Labradoodle like me, I’m very fond of my treats and recently, I’ve been trying out Wagg Tasty Bones. To be fair, it’s not just me. I’ve had to share them with Charlie and Billy the Whippets, but they’ve nominated me as the spokesperson for this review.

So, what are Wagg Tasty Bones? Well, they’re meaty bone-shaped treats with chicken and liver, two of our favourite flavours here at HoundHead Towers. There are several other things I like about them too.

The treats are quite small, so they can come out on walks with us and we can have a few of them without worrying about eating too much. But they’re also chunky enough to bite into. As I have a big mouth full of teeth, this is quite important as it gives me a sense of satisfaction in a treat and then I don’t try to eat them all straight away.

Between you and me, I wish that the Whippets didn’t like the treats so I wouldn’t have to share them. But Charlie is especially fond of liver flavour and Billy likes to take his time over a treat with some substance, and they both tell me that Tasty Bones are spot-on. As for me, I found the treats to be especially worthwhile after a good swim – I did 12 minutes in the hydrotherapy pool on Saturday and I really enjoyed my swim, but it did leave me feeling a bit hungry and a couple of Tasty Bones really did the trick without being too heavy on my tummy.

I’m also told that, like all Wagg treats and dog food, Tasty Bones have no artificial colours or flavours and no added sugar. But they do have added vitamins and minerals. My focus is mainly on the immediate eating experience, but I understand this stuff is important to the humans as it helps to make sure us dogs stay healthy while enjoying lots of lovely treats.

Even though I have to share the treats I'm hoping there will be no shortage of them. A 150 gram bag of Tasty Bones only costs about £1 so I hope we’ll get lots more of them in the future. They do make us wag!

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  1. Fantastic review, I am looking for something like this for Suki to take out on walks so this was very helpful.