Friday, 8 July 2011

Fargo's knee - update

Well, a week has gone by since Fargo’s knee injury. His medicine and regular ice packs have made him feel a bit better, but that means he wants to play rough-and-tumble with Billy, so I’ve had to keep a close eye on him.

Having a shake on the beach earlier this year

There’s no denying that Fargo’s knee is still a problem, and this was confirmed when I took him for his check-up last night. We’re pretty sure he’s damaged his cruciate ligament, so he’s booked into the referral vet’s next Wednesday for an x-ray and, probably, a knee operation.

Considering he’s such a bouncy dog by nature, Fargo’s been very good at resting. He doesn’t like the fact that he’s not allowed out for walks and he can get bored so I’ve been playing some games with him while he’s lying down. We’ve got a Nina Ottosson Brick game which he enjoys and I’ve transferred some of his food into that game. I have to make sure I watch his food intake while he’s not going for walks, as I don’t want him to put on weight.

So, onwards and upwards (I hope!). It’s a worrying time for us and Fargo faces many more weeks of rest, but at least we’re working to get the problem sorted and I hope he’ll be up and about again before too long.

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