Thursday, 3 February 2011

Busy times

It’s been far too long since I wrote anything here I know, but it’s been a hectic few weeks.

2011 started quietly on the work front, and then made up for it by suddenly picking up a frenzied pace. As a freelance writer I use any quiet periods to catch up on admin, work on ideas for features and look for more copywriting jobs. It all tends to balance out: things go at a more relaxed pace at times like this, because I know I’ll be working flat-out working to a tight deadline soon.

Time for a break!
And that’s exactly what happened. I was catching up on some correspondence the other Wednesday when one of my favourite customers called with a rush job. I’ve been filling a recruitment gap for this customer until they employ a new in-house writer, and they wanted me to write some articles for them by the Friday morning. After that, they’d need some help with proof-reading, which would probably involve me working over the weekend so the publication could go to print on Monday. “Of course,” I said, and got to work.

Well, if you’re waiting for a job it sometimes happens that three come at once. Even as I began writing, another client called to ask me for a feature article and soon after that, I lined up another piece of work to start in a week or so's time.

So it’s a busy time for me, but having deadlines at regular intervals helps me to keep pace. The dogs are also very helpful – by making sure I take a proper break from the computer and go for a walk, they help me to focus more clearly and do work at my best.

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