Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Fargo’s favourite tunes

Woof! Fargo here.

I was dancing around in the snow the other week, pausing only to wrestle a whippet here and there, when I realised I had a doggy tune going round my head. It got me thinking about my favourite dog-related songs and how nice it would be to share them with you - especially now, when you're probably sick of hearing Christmas songs wherever you go.

It was really difficult to choose from all the doggy songs out there, so I asked Charlie and Billy for their whippety input and came up with our canine top 10. I hope you enjoy it.

Wishing you a waggy Christmas,

Fargs x

Fargo's favourites:
Whippets are indeed good and of course, Charlie and Billy are biased. 

Good barking at the beginning of this one, it gets Billy every time!

Need I say more?

We Labradoodles love a bit of funk.

A great band with a great name.

The original Kate Bush version is brilliant, but ours is more of a Futureheads house.

You’ve gotta love the thin white duke

If you squint your ears it sounds as if he’s singing ‘I wanna be a dog’ – and who wouldn’t?

Well, of course!

Rover is one of the best dog names.

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