Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Kong - a cause for celebration

I’ve just got back from the park with the dogs and I’m so happy – Charlie the whippet had a good game of fetch with his Kong for the first time since he had is spinal surgery in June!

Chuffed - Charlie
Charlie’s always loved his Kong – it’s a Cool Kong on a rope and he’s had it since he was young. It was a brilliant help in teaching him recall, which can be a challenge where sight hounds are concerned. He and Murphy, a wonderful wolfhound cross I had at the time, were very particular about only retrieving their own Kongs, and it’s been the only toy he’s really wanted to engage with since then. He’ll sometimes run after another toy but he’ll never bring it back once he’s realised it’s not his special one.

However, when the right Kong’s involved, Charlie will go crazy for it. He only has one speed for chasing it (super-fast), and he gets wildly excited by the prospect of a game. The problem is that since his operation he’s had to learn to walk again and he’s not as steady on his feet as he used to be, especially his left front leg. So on the odd occasion when I’ve tentatively tried to give him a game with the Kong, he’s tended to miss his footing while running and topple over onto his shoulder. It was really sad to think that perhaps, at 12 years old, his Kong-chasing days were over.

But today, we found out that they’re not. His running gait looked a bit like he’s from the Ministry of Silly Walks, but he was sure footed and as fast as he wanted to be. I’m chuffed to bits and he’s a very happy dog.

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