Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The joy of Woofbark

When it comes to internet forums, I tend to be a lurker. I might find the discussions interesting, but it takes something special to lure me out of my shell to take part. Recently, Woofbark has achieved this feat.

Launched in 2010, Woofbark is run by two web developers who believe that business should be fun. While walking their dogs on the hills one day, they decided they’d like to build a website around their shared interest in dogs, which would incorporate the kind of social networking tools that have ensured the success of various forums and sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The result is stunning – a friendly online community where dog owners can share photos, ideas and resources – or in the words of the developers, ‘a free website for everything related to dogs’.

Woofbark stays true to that promise. Whether you’re new to the world of dogs or you’ve got years of experience, you can find out about anything you need to know. There’s an easily searchable list of dogs for rehoming, and Woofbark uses Twitter to make sure news about these homeless hounds reaches as many people as possible. You can find links to companies that supply the products or services you need, or take part in the discussion forums where, over the past week alone, topics have ranged from the money-saving virtues of a value duvet as a dog bed to Jonathan Ross’s new puppy, and the dog poo wormery.

For me, the true beauty of Woofbark is that it’s been developed with great skill, and with its users in mind. While it would be possible to spend a whole day exploring the site, most people don’t have the time for such a luxury. Thanks to Woofbark’s intelligent design, dedicated subject forums and ease of navigability, you can easily find what you’re looking for and spend as little or as much of your time on the site as you like.

Woofbark invites its users to explore, ask questions and drive the future development of the site. Its developers are open to ideas and feedback on what users like, dislike or would like to see on Woofbark. It will be interesting to see how this community develops over the coming months.


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  2. Hi Jacqui

    Wow, that's such a flattering article about Woofbark. Many thanks. It's really appreciated :-)

    I wish you well with your Blog which is already looking great. Am now following you to see what you come up with next.

    Thanks again.

    Philip at Woofbark