Friday, 19 November 2010

Happiness is a new fence

The fence men have arrived! Even as I type they’re putting in the second panel and post to close the gap between my garden and the one nextdoor.

In the week since the fence blew down, Billy the whippet has actually been pretty good about it. He’s looked through the gap a few times, perhaps with a view to making his way through at a later date, but the makeshift barrier I constructed from garden furniture seems to have done its job. It has meant extra vigilance on my part though, just in case he makes a break for it.

Perhaps because I’m a dog-owner, I’ve always been partial to a good fence. And with a keen explorer among my pack, the sight of this sturdy wooden barrier where once there were rotted slats and holes makes me sigh with satisfaction.

So, hooray for the fence men! Even Billy seems to appreciate their work and kept his barking low-key while they were in our garden.

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