Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The future's green for Leicestershire dog rescue

I’m ridiculously excited at the news from Dogs Trust of a new rescue centre opening up in Leicestershire. Not only that, but it will be a green rescue centre.

Ever since I started pestering my parents for a puppy many years ago (back when Dogs Trust was known as the National Canine Defence League), I’ve felt that there should be a centre in our county. It may have been because, anxious not to encourage me in my canine obsession, my parents said that our nearest rescue centre in Kenilworth was too far away for us to get to. I’m sure they wouldn’t have taken me even if there was a centre on our street, but that hasn’t stopped me feeling in some way cheated by the lack of a Leicestershire Dogs Trust. Well, good things come to those who wait, and now we’re getting a state-of-the-art green rescue centre where I hope many a lost or abandoned dog will find comfort, safety and a new home.

And the environmentally friendly approach to the centre’s construction is also a subject dear to my heart. Leicester was Britain's first Environment City, so it’s fitting that the centre should be constructed with a low carbon footprint in mind. In fact, I’ve recently become increasingly aware that my dog-ownership probably significantly increases my own carbon footprint, which would otherwise be fairly low. As I explore ways to ‘green’ my own dogs, it’s encouraging to see Dogs Trust grasping the green nettle and tackling the issue.

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